Upwardly Migration


What is this migration all about? What is the timeline for this?

Starting 15th December, you will be able to view your investments, SIPs, account details on Scripbox.com, and the Scripbox apps on Android and iOS.  If you wish, you can start investing using the Scripbox app as well. Once you do...


Will the distributor code change for my investments after the migration from Upwardly to Scripbox?

The ARN or Distributor code was changed in December from Triskaidekaphilia Solutions Pvt Ltd. to Scripbox.com India Pvt. Ltd. ARN 84967. 


What actions do I have to take because of the migration?

You simply have to log on to Scripbox.com or Scripbox apps on Play Store and App Store, using your Upwardly username (email address).


Do I have to submit any kind of document because of the migration?

No, you won’t have to submit any new documents. In case there are any missing documents at Upwardly.in, you will be prompted for the same at Scripbox.com as well. 


Will I still be able to access Upwardly’s website?

Until January 3rd, you can invest more, withdraw etc on Upwardly.in while Scripbox will predominantly be in read-only mode. We recommend that you spend this time to get accustomed to Scripbox. Post 3rd, all new transactions and account management will...

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