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What is Scripbox Short Term Money?

Short Term Money is a portfolio of debt funds (selected by our scientific algorithm) that aims to help you to prepare for your short term needs. This is the money that you are setting aside for expenses within the next...


What is the ideal time frame for the investment in Short Term Money?

The ideal investment tenure is within 1 to 5 years.


What is the growth rate that I can expect?

The historical growth rate is 7 to 8%. You should stay invested for a period between 1-5 years to see returns like these.


Why should I invest in Scripbox Short Term Money when compared to fixed deposit?

What’s common between Short Term Money and fixed deposits (FDs): Both gives you the same kind of growth rate for your money. Just as in an FD, this offering also invest money in funds that have low risk to ensure customers do...

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