How secure is Scripbox?

Scripbox does not have the control on your login credentials, so we cannot misuse your information. As soon as any transaction has been scheduled, you will receive an email and an SMS alert. Our website is secured by a Geotrust...


Is there a double taxation for NRIs for investing in India?

No, if India has signed the avoidance of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement treaty (DTAA) with the respective country. India has signed this treaty with the US & Canada, so any tax paid in India can be claimed as relief in...


Do I need a Demat account?

No. You do not require a Demat account to invest in mutual funds. Scripbox does not open one for you either. The record of mutual funds held by you is kept electronically in an account (Folio) maintained by the mutual...


I am not a US Citizen, why do I have to provide FATCA information?

India has signed a reciprocal agreement with the US government to share such information about each others’ citizens. Therefore all financial institutions (such as mutual funds) have to identify the citizenship and tax status of their investors and provide the...


What FATCA-related information will you collect?

We are required to collect the following information from you: For Resident Indians: Country of birth Source of income ( eg – salary/business etc.)  For NRIs/PIOs: Names of countries where they pay tax The tax identification numbers for those countries (That's like...

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