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I no longer see an option to withdraw instantly in the Emergency Fund category. Why?

Due to recent regulations, the Nippon India Low Duration Fund in the Emergency Fund category no longer supports instant redemptions. When you withdraw, your money will reach your bank account within 1 working day. Note: If we receive the withdrawal instruction...


How to create an account for Scripbox Emergency Money?

By using our personalised calculator you will be able to create your investment plan for your emergency and also create an Scripbox account.  


Will my capital amount be 100% safe in Scripbox Emergency Money?

As your money will be invested in Ultra Short-Term Debt Mutual Funds, your money will not really have down-market risks. These funds earn decent returns without being volatile. Historically, the returns have been in a range of 6% to 8%...


I can easily use my credit card or take a loan during an emergency. Why do I need Scripbox Emergency Money?

You can use credit cards or take loans to tide over the emergency until you’re able to arrange funds. But they should not be seen as a replacement for setting up an emergency fund. The interest rates charged by banks...


When is the ideal time to withdraw from Scripbox Emergency Money?

Emergency money should be withdrawn only in case of an unforeseen situation when you’re in dire need of money.

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