Dream Planner


Will you help me decide the goal amount required for my dream?

You have to decide the final amount for your dream. Once done, we’ll help you create a plan to achieve your goal. 


Will this plan help me close any type of loan that I may have?

Yes! You will be able to close your loans with this plan. Eg: For a loan amount of Rs 10,00,000 with a 5-years’ tenure (an interest rate of 10%), you will be paying an EMI of Rs 32,250 every month.  By...


How will I be able to close my loan early?

This depends on the loan amount and how much you save every month to reach the goal. Usually, the higher the value of the loan, the longer it will take to close.  But this plan will help you save and...


Will Scripbox help me save up for any goal I may have?

Yes, you can build a plan for any of your goal by using our planner.

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