Dream Planner


What is Scripbox Dream Planner?

Scripbox Dream Planner is a goal-based investment plan that will help you achieve your lifestyle goals, such as vacation, wedding, loan closure or buying a car/bike. To know more, please click here. 


How is Scripbox Dream Planner better than taking a loan?

Scripbox Dream Planner helps you fulfill your dreams without taking a loan or getting in debt. The interest put by the bank on your loan amount increases the cost of your goal. If you invest, the growth of your money...


Can I plan for more than one vacation as per your plans?

Yes. You can create two different vacation plans through Scripbox Dream Planner.  Eg: You could be planning for a Rajasthan vacation and another to Bali. Both the vacations will be planned for separately and you can invest towards each accordingly. 


Will I be able to invest for less than a year?

Currently, this plan does not allow you to choose an investment tenure of less than a year.


Can my future spouse and I invest together?

Currently, the plan only supports individual accounts.

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