Investing and Withdrawing


Which is the best fund out of the recommended set?

All the funds in the selection are equally good. Our selection methodology is such that there is no single best fund among the selected funds. Which is why we recommend you invest as per the asset allocation recommended by Scripbox....


Why are your recommended funds different from others?

Different methodologies are used by different agencies. There are many equally credible service providers such as MoneyControl, CRISIL, Value Research and MorningStar – and then there is Scripbox which goes beyond just rating and actually picks a portfolio for you....


What is Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) & how does it work?

Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) is a plan which will help you transfer your investments every month from one fund to another. So that the risk related to your investments could be managed well.  Examples:  Scenario 1: You could lower your...


What is the selection criteria for the mutual funds offered?

Mutual fund schemes are selected by our rules-based methodology that takes into account the consistency of historical performance as well as some threshold criteria. We call this Index Based Investment Solutions (IBIS). Our recommended portfolio is technically an index of...


How can I transfer my existing portfolio to Scripbox?

Here are the steps to transfer your investments from your existing distributor to Scripbox. Create a Scripbox accountIf you don't have your Scripbox account, request you to create your Scripbox account. Once it is ready we will verify & activate your...

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