Investing and Withdrawing


What happens to investments that I’ve made in the fund that are no longer in the portfolio?

We periodically review your investments in dropped funds with ‘Scripbox Portfolio Audit’ during April, August and December. We will notify you when it’s due & what should be the ideal course of action for better investing. 


Can I close my Scripbox account at any time? What happens to my investments?

Yes. You can close your Scripbox account at anytime. Your investments are always held in your name with the mutual fund and you can interact with them at any time to redeem your investments or invest more. We will assist...


What are the reasons due to which my automated investment instructions could be rejected?

The possible rejection reasons for automated investment instructions are below: Delay in the approval of your banking linking form.‘Funding Error’ - The linked bank account did not have sufficient balance.The bank account is not yet linked with your Scripbox account.Your...


Why do you offer only 10 mutual funds?

From a business point of view, it makes a lot of sense for us to have all the mutual funds made available to you. If you don’t invest in our recommended portfolio, we can still generate revenue through commissions when...

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