Investing and Withdrawing


Can I decide the amount to be invested in each of the shortlisted mutual fund schemes?

YES, you can. You go to the "I Want to Change Funds/Amount" link on the investment screen and specify the amount to be invested in each scheme.


Can I invest using a cheque or cash?

No. Scripbox is an internet-only service. You can invest online through auto-debit for investing every month(SIP) or Net Banking for one-time investment only.


Can I redeem my mutual fund investments without going through Scripbox? Can I buy more in the same folio without going through Scripbox?

YES, you can. However, these withdrawals (or investments) will not reflect in your Scripbox account unless you record our code (ARN-84967) in the space provided for ARN Code (sometimes also called ‘Broker Code’). This may also lead to transaction errors...


When are the mutual funds units allotted to me?

The date of allotment of mutual fund units depends on the payment method selected by you to make the investment. Investment via UPI: If you have transferred money using the UPI payment method before 12:30 PM on a working day,...


Today is 7th but the earliest investment date is 10th. Why?

This happens because of the time taken by the fund transfer process which works on the basis of your bank account being linked to your Scripbox account. We need to send the fund transfer instruction in advance to your bank...

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