Investing and Withdrawing


What is the minimum amount to start investing in Principal Protection and Growth plan?

You can start investing with a minimum amount of 10 lakhs.


Will I be able to stop or withdraw my Principal Protection and Growth plan?

Yes. You can stop and/or withdraw your money at any point in time. You cannot pause the transfer. You can only cancel all transfers.  Note: You cannot withdraw while your investment is in-progress.


What is “Choose your own funds” & how does it work?

"Choose your own funds" helps you to invest in the funds which are not recommended by Scripbox. You can choose to invest in Scripbox recommended funds along with the funds of your choice.   To invest in the funds of your...


If I pick funds of my choice will you let me know whether that fund is good or not for me?

Yes. Once you select the funds of your choice, we will provide you the details of the funds along with its historical returns.


Why index funds?

Before we recommend funds, we choose the appropriate asset class.  In this specific case, we have chosen Index funds, instead of large cap & diversified which we recommend for our long term wealth accumulation objective. Index funds are content to...

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