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Is the Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) flexible?

You have the option to cancel your Systematic Transfer Plan by logging into your Scripbox account. Currently, you cannot skip or modify this plan.


How do I cancel my Systematic Transfer Plan (STP)?

Here are the steps to cancel your STP: Login to your Scripbox account & click on “Investment Calendar” Select “transfer” with the appropriate offering & date.Select “cancel investment”Select the appropriate reason for cancelling the STP. Click “Cancel All”


What is Principal Protection and Growth plan all about?

Principal Protection and Growth is an investment plan for those who want to keep their principal amount (invested amount) safe and compound the earnings (growth amount) by investing only the earned amount in Index Funds. For more information please click here. 


How does Principal Protection and Growth plan work?

The Principal Protection and Growth plan first invests your lump sum amount into the top Liquid funds and gradually moves the earnings (growth amount) into index funds, every month, instead of being re-invested in the Liquid fund. How it works: ...


What are the benefits of investing in Principal Protection and Growth plan?

Benefits of investing in Principal Protection and Growth plan: Principal amount is safeAs your money will be invested in the top Liquid funds, your principal amount (invested amount) will be safe.Better than FDsThe growth from Liquid funds are reinvested into...

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