Investing and Withdrawing

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How can I catch up with my investment plan in case if I am not on track or I miss a SIP?

You can catch up or be back on track by investing the missed SIP amount as a lump sum or investing that amount across couple of months. 

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How do I move my money from my existing Scripbox investments into the new offerings?

Please find the below steps to move your money from your existing Scripbox investments in the new offerings: Once you login to your Scripbox accountClick on Invest MoreSelect your goalClick on Plan DetailsClick on Manager GoalsClick Move MoneySelect the category...

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How do I get my Capital gain tax statement?

Please find the below steps to download Capital Gain tax statement: Login to your Scripbox account Click on Account statement Click on Capital GainsThen click on Realised Capital GainsYou will find an option to download or email the statement.

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Will I be able to invest lumpsum apart from the regular monthly investment (SIP)? If yes: Will the amount be added to the same plan? What difference will it bring in to my financial goal?

Once your investment plan is activated you can make a lump sum investment. Yes, the amount will be added to the same plan.It will act as a booster (it will help you to achieve your financial goal faster).

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What if I do not withdraw though I have achieved my goal?

The money will stay invested in the same set of funds & will grow accordingly until you withdraw the money. However, we will notify you once the goal is achieved. 

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