Premier Education


What is Scripbox Premier Education?

Scripbox Premier Education is a plan built to help you invest for your child’s college education. With college fees increasing by approximately 10% every year, it’s advisable for parents to figure out their finances well in advance. Scripbox Premier Education...


How will Scripbox help me accumulate the required amount of fund for my child’s higher education?

Here’s how we will help you throughout your investment journey with us: We will help you set the right financial goal while accounting for factors such as inflation and rising college fees.We will help personalise your plan by factoring in...


What is the minimum amount to start with Scripbox Premier Education?

There is no minimum amount to get started with the Scripbox Premier Education plan. The amount recommended by the planner is based on specific details and requirements mentioned by you. However, you can customise this to your desired number. To...


When is the right time to invest in Scripbox Premier Education?

“The earlier the better” should be the mantra when it comes to investing for your child’s college. According to research, private and premier college fees increase by about 10% every year. Inflation is another key obstacle that you’ll have to...


Is there any lock-in period for Scripbox Premier Education?

There is no lock-in period for Scripbox Premier Education. You can withdraw your money at any time. However, we recommend that you stay invested for the entire tenure of the plan to ensure that your goal is met.

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