Retire Confident


What is Scripbox Retire Confident?

Scripbox Retire Confident is a goal-based investment plan that will help you start monthly SIPs for your post-retirement financial needs. The plan is customized to suit your needs after factoring in your current income, expenses, savings, planned retirement age, etc....


How is Scripbox Retire Confident different than other retirement plans (insurance, NPS, PPF etc.)?

Unlike other retirement plans, Scripbox Retire Confident helps you to: Decide on the exact amount needed to lead a stress-free retired life. Grow your investment according to your chosen growth profile, while factoring in your risk appetite, current savings, SIP amount,...


How do you decide on the financial corpus required for retirement ?

While helping you arrive on the final sum required for you to retire confidently, we consider the following life and financial indicators: AgeCurrent expensesCurrent savingsYears to retirementPost-retirement periodRate of inflation Expected income in the futureRate of interest on your other savings


Does Scripbox Retire Confident cover my dependents too?

Scripbox Retire Confident is currently designed for individuals. The plan includes one’s current financial situation and post-retirement needs, including future expenses for the dependent family.


Do you take individual income or joint income into account while planning for Scripbox Retire Confident?

Your plan will be based on your input. You can provide your household or your individual income, whichever suits you the best.

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