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Why is there no switch support for some of my funds?

The equity funds without Switch support does not have a corresponding recommended liquid fund. Hence you don't have the option to switch these funds.


Why have we chosen these Liquid Funds for the money transfer from Equity Funds?

Switch can take place within the same fund house only. And when we are selecting the Liquid Funds for the money transfer to take place from the Equity Funds, we make sure that the best corresponding funds are selected.


Can I modify the switch instruction?

No, we don’t support this as of now.You will have to cancel the switch instruction and then set up the new one.


Can I switch from liquid funds to equity funds?

In the app, we support switching from equity to liquid funds only. For liquid funds to equity, please reach out to our customer care.


What is the minimum amount for the switch to take place?

The minimum switch amount is Rs.5,000.

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