Long Term Wealth


When should I start investing in the Long Term Wealth?

The right time to invest is always “NOW”. 


How does Switch to Liquid work?

Money will be moved from equity to liquid funds within the same mutual fund house. We will pick the appropriate destination funds (liquid funds) as soon as you choose the source funds (equity funds). Your money is transferred to the...


How is Switch better than withdrawing and then reinvesting manually?

When withdrawing, money is transferred to your bank account before it gets reinvested. This increases the time you stay not invested in the market. Switching avoids the bank transfer and hence you remain invested at all times.


What are the tax and exit load implications of doing Switch?

The transfer between funds is as good as a withdrawal followed by reinvestment, just that it doesn’t hit your bank account. So the tax and exit load implications are exactly as applicable for a normal withdrawal. Click here to know about...


Can I cancel the Switch instruction after placing it?

Yes.  Case 1: If you place the instruction on a working day before 12:45 PM, you can cancel it the same day. Case 2: If you place the instruction after 12:45 PM, you can cancel it before 12:45 PM the...

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