My First Crore


What is Scripbox My First Crore?

Scripbox My First Crore is an investment plan for those who dream of growing a bank balance of Rs 1 Crore in a specified time-frame. The plan is customized according to your inputs with our advanced calculators. To start planning...


How will Scripbox help me achieve my first Crore?

Plan your goal better and customize it according to your life’s requirements with the help of our calculator. Create a Scripbox My First Crore account and start investing. It takes less than 5 minutes! We will schedule an annual review to...


Why should I opt for Scripbox My First Crore over other investment options (RD/other alternatives) available in the market?

Scripbox My First Crore is a highly flexible and customized plan unlike other plans available in the market. Some benefits of Scripbox My First Crore are: You can start investing with as low as Rs 5,000.No lock-in and no penalties...


What is the minimum amount to activate Scripbox My First Crore plan?

You can start investing in your Scripbox My First Crore plan with as little as Rs 5,000 per month.  To start investing in Scripbox My First Crore, please click here.


What are the risks involved while investing in Scripbox My First Crore?

There is no specific risk involved with Scripbox My First Crore. However, there is a common risk associated with all market-related investments. Scripbox My First Crore is designed factoring in the risk involved. You might see short-term volatilities (prices going...

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