Common planning questions


How do you ensure that my money is secure?

We have built Scripbox so that you always remain the owner of your money. The money moves directly from your bank account to your mutual fund account. We keep track of it at every step on your behalf. You can...


How can I trust you not to misuse my bank account details and other information?

There are many safeguards built into the process to prevent Scripbox (or any third party) from misusing your confidential information. Your authorisation to the bank is very specific and only allows for money to be transferred to the mutual fund...


Can you withdraw money from my bank account without my knowledge?

No. The transfer of funds to the mutual funds will reflect in your bank statement and in your Scripbox account. In addition, most banks will inform you by email or SMS when money is withdrawn from your bank account. We...


Why does Scripbox not offer direct plans?

A Direct plan is what you buy directly from the mutual fund company (usually from their own website), whereas a Regular plan is what you buy through an advisor, broker or distributor (intermediary). Hence as you are investing through us, you will be investing...


How much extra does investing through a regular plan cost me, as opposed to a direct plan?

Currently direct plans of equity mutual funds have expense ratios that are typically 0.4-0.5% lower than regular plans. This means that your return by opting for the direct plan is higher by that amount. This approx 0.5% is indirectly a...

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