Common planning questions


When is the right time to start investing?

The right time to invest is always “NOW”.  To know more please read through the article: The Best Time To Invest Is When You Have The Money.


What is Cash Management plan?

Cash Management will help you to: Park your money until you decide what to do next with it or until you have to utilize it.Better than savings bank accounts. Suited for planned and unplanned needs.Better safety of money when compared to...


What is the ideal time frame for the investments?

This plan is ideally suited for 0 to 6 months of investments. However, you can stay invested as long they wish to.


What are the benefits of investing in Cash Management over bank deposits?

100% of the depositor’s money in Bank account is not safe if the Portfolio size is above 5 lakhs. Which is not the case with the liquid funds.  Learn: Where should you invest your cash.

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