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How is Scripbox involved in FATCA?

We are collecting this information from you on behalf of the mutual funds where you invest. India has signed a reciprocal agreement with the US government to share such information about each others’ citizens. Therefore all financial institutions (such as...


What FATCA-related information will you collect?

We are required to collect the following information from you: For Resident Indians: Country of birth Source of income ( eg – salary/business etc.)  For NRIs/PIOs: Names of countries where they pay tax The tax identification numbers for those countries (That's like...


How do I declare FATCA-related information?

When you sign-up for the first time, you will be asked for this information. If you are an existing investor who hasn’t yet provided this information, please login to your Scripbox account and follow the “CLICK HERE” link next to...


Why do you ask for such sensitive information?

The information we ask for is the minimum required by law to open an investment account. If you already invest in mutual funds, you will notice that this is exactly the same information that you fill up on a paper...


Is a nominee mandatory?

No. A nominee is not mandatory. You can select "I do not want to provide a nominee" in the registration process. However, we highly recommend that you add a nominee. The nomination facility has been designed to ensure smooth transmittal...

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