Are mutual funds the right place to park my money for emergencies?

Yes, absolutely! You will be investing in Liquid Mutual Funds. So, your money will not really have down-market risks. 

After figuring out how big a corpus you need, choose an appropriate investment option. Remember, accessibility of your money (and not returns) is crucial here.

There is no lock-in period. Scripbox Emergency Money gives you easy liquidity and once you wish to withdraw, the money will be in your bank account the next working day. 

(Coming soon: You will soon be able to withdraw money from your Scripbox Emergency Money account instantly.)

Replenish your corpus: 

  • Once the emergency is over, revisit and replenish the corpus.
  • Even if you don’t use funds from Scripbox Emergency Money, review it at least once a year to adjust for inflation, lifestyle changes, increase in family members and changes in debt commitments. 

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