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sbi fd interest rates

SBI Sarvottam Fixed Deposit Scheme

SBI Sarvottam Fixed Deposit Scheme is a non-callable term deposit offering a higher interest rate. The Sarvottam deposit scheme doesn't allow premature withdrawals. NameSBI Sarvottam FD SchemeMinimum Deposit AmountRs. 15 LakhsMaximum Deposit AmountRs. 5 CrInterest Rate7.10% p.a to 7.90% p.aTenure1...

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HDFC Green and Sustainable Deposits

What are the HDFC Green Deposits? The urgency of the hour is to protect our environment from climate change. HDFC has created Green & Sustainable Deposits. It is a product that promotes the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, to help...

monthly income scheme

Best Monthly Income Schemes in India 2023

Fixed deposit monthly deposit scheme provides fixed period deposit along with fixed withdrawable interest income for individual investors. Know the latest interest rates offered by banks for FD MIS.

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How to Apply for an Axis Bank Fixed Deposit?

Axis bank offers multiple fixed deposits for different tenures and interest rates. The Axis Bank FD interest rates are higher than their savings account. You can invest in Axis Bank FD in a hassle-free manner. Also, you can enjoy their...

best banks in india

Best Banks in India 2023

In the current age, having a bank account is essential. Moreover, all financial subsidies given by the government are also routed through bank accounts. Also, the financial inclusion initiatives taken by the government have ensured almost all citizens have a...

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how to claim fixed deposit after death

How to Claim Fixed Deposit After Account Holder’s Death?

Fixed Deposits (FD) have been a popular investment avenue for a long time due to fixed returns and safety. However, it is important to know what happens to the FD amount if the account holder dies. Let's look at the...

bond vs fixed deposit

Bond vs Fixed Deposit

Bonds and fixed deposits are the most popular choices among investors with low-risk tolerance levels. Also, both of these fixed income instruments offer fixed interest income to investors. However, they are different from each other on various parameters. This article...

certificate of deposit vs fixed deposit

Certificate of Deposit vs Fixed Deposit

A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a financial asset issued by banks and financial institutions. They provide set interest rates on the amount invested, which is often higher than FD rates. On the other hand, Fixed deposits are one of...