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nre fd rates

NRE FD Rates, Features and Benefits

NRE FDs are a quite popular investment option available to NRIs in India. They come with an array of features and benefits. This article has covered NRE FD schemes, its features, benefits, and interest rates in detail. What is an...

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Generally, investors look for safety, returns and tax-efficient investment options. Also, considering these they wish to meet their financial goals. To meet these purposes, there are different savings schemes available for investors.  In this article, we will discuss National Savings...

nro fd rates

NRO FD Rates

An NRO account or Non-Resident Ordinary account is a savings account or a deposit account denominated in Indian Rupee. It is opened by NRIs to manage their income in India. An NRO FD allows NRIs to invest their Indian income...

types of banks accounts in india

Types of Banks Accounts in India

10 Different Types of Bank Accounts in India Indian banks offer multiple types of accounts for different purposes. Whether one is working, or a student, an entrepreneur, a partnership firm, or an NRI, each one has several options to choose...

sweep in fd

What is Sweep In FD? How Does Sweep In FD Works?

A sweep-in FD will allow investors to invest excess funds lying idle in a bank account in a fixed deposit account to earn higher returns. Not only can they earn a higher FD rate of interest, but they can also...

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FD Interest Rate

FD Interest Rates

The FD interest rates are relatively risk-free and a guaranteed return. A Fixed Deposit not only saves your money but also helps you earn FD interest. Money invested under the Fixed Deposit Scheme is paid as a one-time payment (at...

fixed deposit receipt

FD Receipt (FDR)

A fixed deposit scheme is a traditional investment that is very popular in India. It is the most sought-after investment as it guarantees returns in the form of interest. Fixed deposits are low-risk investments, and they offer higher returns than...

best monthly income fixed deposit scheme

Monthly Income Fixed Deposits Scheme

Fixed Deposits or FDs are one of the most popular and traditional savings instruments in India. Investment in an FD can be made for a few weeks to few months or few years at a fixed interest rate. In this...