What’s changing?

Not much. We’re taking it slow.

Some of our older investment plans have been renamed or are consolidated into Long Term Portfolio or Short Term Portfolio.

Why is this happening?

This change will help you visualise the purpose of your investments better. This will also enable all our customers to set a growth strategy specifically for their ‘Long Term Portfolio’, a feature previously available to only a select few customers.

We are also cognizant of the fact that our customers don’t invest only in mutual funds to achieve their goals. All of us invest in FDs, stocks, mutual funds, government schemes, and so on for various goals (or purposes).

These purposes may be retirement, child’s education, or just long-term wealth generation. As a result, seeing all of these disparate investments for a specific purpose together becomes critical.

At Scripbox, we’re currently working towards making all this and more possible over the next few months. Think of this as an upgrade to investment plans, wherein one can track and tag all investments under a particular plan, set the right growth strategy for each plan, course correct when required, and so much more.