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What Are Index funds? Are They Good For Investing?

Since Vanguard Group, led by John Bogle, launched the first Index Mutual Fund in 1975, Index funds have taken the investing world by a storm.

mutual funds

How do Mutual Funds work to grow your wealth?

Mutual Funds (Equity oriented) are essentially vehicles which hold ‘shares’ of various companies.


Purpose-based investments Vs. Investing for returns

Having a purpose in mind is extremely vital regardless of what you do. It serves as a guide until you reach your goal and gives you a sense of satisfaction and achievement.


FDs Vs Liquid Fund – Which One For Your Retirement Income?

Many retirees choose Fixed Deposits due to the perceived low risk nature of the investment. The fixed interest rate and predictability of income also make this option attractive to them. There is however a catch. Fixed Deposits are taxed fully and the interest income is subject to tax deducted at source.


Elections and its impact on stock markets

With the general elections just a few months away, we have seen several investors being cautious over the equity markets and are either delaying their investments, or worse still pulling back on existing investments.

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I am 25, and just got my first job. How should I plan my finances?

When you are young, even starting to think of planning your finances is half the battle won.

Are Indian markets maturing?

One of the reasons for increased maturity is the variety of participants in the markets.

Understanding the difference between interest income and capital gain

One of the key differentiation that an investor needs to know is between interest income and capital gain. Read on to understand.