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Do You Actually Own Your Salary?

Start paying yourself as opposed to just paying off bills.

Have you ever paused to wonder if you actually own your salary? 

Think about it, the money that’s deposited in your account every month by your employer doesn’t belong to you one hundred percent. There are so many claimants on your money, like your landlord, your telecom company, your pub (or coffee shop!), your WiFi provider, your grocer, Uber, and even your pet!

Rent, bills, and expenses are seemingly the most crucial claims on your salary. 

But what about you, your present and future self? Are you using your salary for your personal growth? Are you setting some aside for your future self? Believe me, she will need some of it someday not so far away!

Before you hand your money out to others, take a pause and consider your own legit claim on your salary. The claim of your future self - and her dreams and aspirations. 

Start paying yourself as opposed to just paying off bills. 

You too have a claim on your salary.


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