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are you saving enough

“मैं 32 साल का हूं और शादीशुदा हूं. क्या मैंने अभी तक पर्याप्त पैसे बचाए है?”

यह एक ऐसा सवाल है, जिसे आपमें से कुछ ने पूछा होगा, और कइयों ने इसके बारे में सोचा होगा. फिर चाहे आप अपनी महीने की सैलरी का 5 या 50 फीसदी बचाते हों, लेकिन आप ये कैसे पता करेंगे कि क्या यह पर्याप्त रकम है जिसकी आपने बचत की है.

got a lakh

Got A Lakh? Here Is What To Do Next Based On Your Situation

If you have managed to save a lakh, you seem to be good at saving. But now you might be wondering what to do with that money lying in your RD or bank account. Here are 3 questions to help make a decision.

ashwini b wealthy

Scripbox talks to popular YouTube channel, B Wealthy

“A woman’s best protection is a little money of her own.” The quote is attributed to Clare Boothe Luce, and it’s hard to argue with it! What does it take to get there? A little planning, and taking charge, that’s...

emergency fund

When should you use your emergency funds

Having an emergency corpus to fall back on during unplanned situations is great! But knowing when to use it is equally important. Here’s how you can differentiate between your regular expenses and legitimate emergencies.
Bonus: 3 questions to ask before withdrawing your emergency corpus.


Purpose-based investments Vs. Investing for returns

Having a purpose in mind is extremely vital regardless of what you do. It serves as a guide until you reach your goal and gives you a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

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short term money

Looking To Invest For The Short Term? Scripbox Can Help You.

Debt funds are good for short term investing, Scripbox short term money is better.

is your health covered

Is Your Health Covered?

Getting health insurance is a smart step towards leading a truly healthy life. So this year, perhaps you should modify your resolution to ensuring that your health is covered.

4 kinds of money in life

The 4 Kinds Of Money In Your Life

Each kind of money has its own purpose and therefore needs to be saved and invested in its own specific way.