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yes bank risk

A lesson in risk – The Yes Bank Crisis

Risk shows up infrequently, but it is high impact. This is why one must always be aware. In the current set of events, it’s the risk attached to bond investing which has had a greater impact than equity investing. Understanding both the risk of bond investing i.e., credit risk and the risk in equity investing i.e., risk of quality, are important.

yes bank

Important update regarding Yes Bank

Yes Bank has been placed under Moratorium for a period of 30 days (Till April 4, 2020)


Does budget 2020 change your life as a mutual fund investor?

If you are a mutual fund investor, budget 2020 does change some things. There are three key items that have been announced in this budget. Taxation on dividends, removal of dividend distribution tax and changes in the tax treatment of side pocketing in Mutual fund portfolios.

january newsletter

Nifty closes lower but broader markets up, economic concerns remain

Fiscal deficit and economic growth are twin concerns facing the economy. Experts have been recommending loosening up fiscal targets and focusing on economic growth. Moreover, there seem to be early signs of the economy recovering.

november market commentary 2019

Markets likely discounting economic weakness, maintain positive note

Despite the weak economy, the stock markets have been holding up well on the back of the reduced corporate income tax rates leading to higher earnings growth. Moreover, this step is expected to trigger an investment cycle.

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september newsletter 2019

Markets rebound on FM announcement, economy yet to follow

Stock markets in India rebounded strong, post the announcement of reduced tax rates for Indian companies. The Nifty was up sharply, making up for the losses over the past few months.

corporate tax rate cuts

How does the corporate tax rate change benefit equity investors?

In one stroke, the FM reduced the corporate rates from 34.9% to 25.2%. Let’s find out how it benefits shareholders and thus you, as an investor.