Investing Essentials

Is buying a house really an investment

Is buying a house really an investment?

Does buying a house mean you have made a good investment? Let’s look at the numbers to decide.

history of inflation in India

History of Inflation in India and what to expect going forward

Ever wondered what inflation in India looked like decades back? Here’s a quick primer that tells you all you need to know.

investment actions

Are your investment actions helping or hindering your wealth creation?

Here is how to determine whether what you are doing with your investments actually helps or hinders your wealth creation

asset allocation vs diversification

Asset allocation and diversification – are they related?

Both Asset allocation and diversification play a big role in creating an effective wealth portfolio. But are they related and why does it matter to you as an investor?

how to decide your SIP

How to decide your SIP amount

Here’s how to figure out what should be your SIP amount whether you have a defined goal or if you just want to create wealth.

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gains vs income

Why Income from assets and gains are not the same

When you invest in a financial asset, have a clear idea of where you expect your return to come from, is it income or gain?

What is Demat Account

What Is A Demat Account & How Does It Benefit Me?

A Demat account is something like a bank account. Only thing is, instead of money held in your bank account, Demat holds your securities – a form of shares, bonds, or debentures.

smart investors

Do you have these three attributes of a smart investor?

What do smart investors do to withstand these uncertain times?