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manage risk

How To Assess & Manage Investment Risk – Part 1

As investors, what we are really trying to do is to ensure that we have enough money for a goal in the future.

how long is long term

How long is ‘long-term’ when it comes to investing?

Every article you read and investment program you watch on TV will tell you that you should be investing for the long-term. There are two reasons for this.

how not to choose a mf

How not to choose a mutual fund.

Past Performance (by itself) is a really bad indicator of future returns

more mf than stocks

More mutual funds than stocks!

“Which fund do I invest in?” is a question we’re asked constantly by investors. It’s an important question because your choice of a mutual fund could mean the difference between driving a car or a bicycle; or whether your kids can go to the college of their choice.

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