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How to Make Saving Money a Family Fun Game

Saving need not be a boring activity where you grudgingly knock off your expenses and live sparingly to achieve your savings goal. It can be fun if your family joins hands. Using creativity can make it much more interesting.


To spend first or invest that windfall gain?

It’s a constant tug of war – to invest more or spend? If you can’t spend on the things you desire, what’s the point of investing? The answer perhaps lies in achieving the right balance between the two.

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Vacation on EMI? Why not SIP instead?

Holiday today and pay tomorrow! This is the standard advertisement for going on that much needed break without having to worry about whether or not you have the funds to pay for it.  The idea that is promoted is that...

vacation on emi

Vacation on EMI? Why not SIP instead?

Should you indulge in something you cannot afford or perhaps make an effort to ensure that you can afford it? The former can take you from not worrying about affordability to complete financial distress if EMIs become a habit.

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Moving Abroad? Keep these financial factors in mind for a smooth takeoff

As you embark on a new journey, follow these financial tips for a smooth transition.

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Three saving hacks to help you build that corpus

When we are surrounded by all kinds of nudges to spend money, be it on social media, google ads or bill boards, it is quite a task to have that much needed pool of savings. But, if you don’t save,...

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How to Prepare for Online Shopping D-Days

Online shopping has become quite convenient and pocket friendly. By using a few smart tips, you can benefit a lot and save quite a bit as well. Follow these steps, to make the most of the shopping on Sale days.

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Why you need a larger emergency fund in your 40s than in your 20s?

Some people make the mistake of believing that an emergency fund is mainly for those just starting their jobs or are still in their 20s or 30s or have young kids.