guaranteed life insurance plans

Don’t fall for guaranteed life insurance plans

Life insurance is a popular tax saving instrument and should be a part of financial planning and goals set. There are several kinds of life insurance plans in the Indian market. Guaranteed life insurance plans sound like a good deal....

life insurance claims

Life Insurance Claims over 3 Years Cannot be Rejected

Insurance companies cannot reject claims made on policies over three years. According to the Insurance Laws (Amendment) Act 2015 Section 45 no claim can be repudiated (rejected) after 3 years of the policy being in force even if the fraud...

what is xirr

A Complete Guide of XIRR and How to Calculate XIRR Using Excel

What is XIRR? XIRR or extended internal rate of return is a measure of return which is used when multiple investments have been made at different points of time in a financial instrument like mutual funds. It is a single...

annualized return

Annualized Return – Meaning, Formula and calculation explained.

annualized return Annualized ReturnTime Taken to double money5%14 years 2 months8%9 years 0 months10%7 years 3 months12%6 years 1 months15%4 years 11 months20%3 years 9 months25%3 years 1 month ‘Return’ is the yield that an investment generates over a period...

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