performance report card

2014 Report Card: Performance Of Scripbox Recommended Equity Mutual Fund Portfolio

The Nifty had a strong year, up 30.4% for the year and the Scripbox equity portfolio did better than the Nifty, up 39.3%. This out performance, at 8.9%, is much better than the historical average out performance of the Scripbox Portfolio(over the Nifty) of 4.2%.

the power of saving early

Why I Will Always Have Less Money Than Abhay!

Abhay is a 35-year-old family guy who works at a small content management company in Bengaluru. He saves Rs. 10,000 every year. He started investing in mutual funds at the age of 25 and has managed to invest 10K every year, until 35 (for a total of 10 years). Due to family reasons, he is unable to save anymore.. and this little fund grows on its own without any further investments.

retirement planning

A quick thumb rule for retirement planning

This is a quick thumb rule but your specific life situation may have unique needs. As long as your planned financial savings is at least 25 times your inflation adjusted expense requirement, retired life should be fun.

short term long term

Short-Term Investing Could Chop Off One Fourth of Your NAV Gains

Equity fund investors are better off staying invested for the long-term to get the best post-tax returns

performance report card

The Recommended Portfolio Of Mutual Funds For 2014

Following an excellent performance by our selected portfolio for 2013, we’ve completed our annual review and selected the list for 2014.

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2013 Report Card: Performance of Scripbox recommended Mutual Fund Portfolio

The recommended portfolio did better than 22 of the Top 25 funds by size; and better than 82% of money invested in equity mutual funds.

how to get out of debt trap

4 steps to get out of a debt trap

It really starts with a commitment to yourself that you will work towards getting yourself out of the debt trap. Having the belief and setting a realistic timeline to get out of the trap is the first real step.