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Keep calm and stick to your investments. Stock market falls are made worse by the media which tends to become hyperactive during such crashes.

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Buying A Car? Here Are 6 Important Questions You Must Answer First

In case you find it tough to save for your car, you can invest small amounts in SIPs of mutual funds, to save up for your future car. Scripbox can help you automate this.


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According to Deloitte, Mobile wallet frauds are set to rise as usage goes up. It pays to be extra cautious with your phone.

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5 Financial Checks You Must Do On Your 30th Birthday

Wealth creation is a time taking process and the earlier you start the bigger your prospective corpus, thanks to compounding. Regularly saving and channeling them into the right instruments makes sure that you will have a comfortable retirement.


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Instant gratification in finance and investing can be a bad thing. There has been a spurt in the number of shady organizations offering returns as high as 1000% in the short run, if investors follow their advice, which is normally shared through SMS and e-mail.

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Your allocation to equity should depend on the riskiness of your financial goals and the time you have to achieve them.

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The Surprising Truth Behind Fixed Deposit Returns

While FDs might be considered safe, the returns they provide are not tax efficient. Considering inflation over the long run hovers around 8-8.5%, you actually lost money in real terms.


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What the pundits had been saying for a while has turned out to be true. Even the worst performing mutual fund schemes have returned more than Public Provident Fund and Fixed Deposits.