Tell me news like a friend (11 July – 17 July)

The next time you are asked by any merchant to pay any transaction charge, simply refuse and mention the RBI circular. You can also take up the issue with your bank.

too old to invest blog

Customer Questions: Is Age 35-40 Too Late To Start Investing For Retirement?

In your case, you want to save and grow more in a small amount of time. This means you don’t have a choice but to take more risks.

mf as bank

Tired Of Low Interest Rates On Your Bank Account? Here Is A Surprise Solution

What if there was a way to get better returns, and have almost the same ease of withdrawal that banks provide? Use mutual funds as substitute to your savings bank account.


Tell me news like a friend (4 July – 10 July)

What should I do? Plan your finances before you quit. Create an emergency fund for contingencies.


Tell me news like a friend (27 June – 3 July)

What should you do: Get health insurance but check if it suits your needs.

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children learn from parents

Bad Financial Behaviours Children Learn From Their Parents And How To Fix Them

Before you can leave your children a set of good money habits, you need to look at your own habits and decide if they will help or hinder your children when the time will come for them to manage their own money.

1 rupee doubled everyday for 30 days

Which Is Better? A Rupee Doubled Everyday Or Rs. 5 Crore Now

Starting early means that the Rs. 5 Lakh invested 11 years ago is a lot more valuable than Rs. 5 Lakh now. Combining this with compounding means that the amount will grow faster as the years pass.

happy woman

6 Proven Ways To “Buy” Happiness With Money

Having money will not guarantee happiness, but not having enough could make us unhappy and stressed. We believe that money, when used properly, can actually be used to “buy” happy moments. Here’s how.