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85% of youngsters feel that they should be healthy, here’s what you can do to curtail your hospital bills.

5 habits that are stopping you from becoming rich

5 Habits That Are Stopping You From Becoming Rich

Everybody loves a blame game.If stock markets crash just after you made your first investment in equity, it’s a bad gamble. When interest rates rise just when you take a home loan, you blame it on your luck.Our bad luck happens all too often!


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You could be losing up to Rs 1 Lakh per year. What’s worse is that you might not even know where that money went. Indians lose up to 60% of their weekly expenses to “mystery spends”. This is according to a survey by YouGov and Visa.

what are debt funds

A Beginner’s Guide To Debt Mutual Funds

A beginner’s guide to debt mutual funds.

life insurance

Buying Life Insurance for the First Time? Ask Yourself These 4 Questions First.

Life Insurance is one of the most important financial product you should buy and yet, is often the most mis-sold product in India. Considering this, are you making the right choice, and moreover, are you buying life insurance for the right reasons?

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Be aware of the right reasons for buying insurance. Don’t treat insurance as an investment and be very clear of the details of the insurance product you are buying.

a practical 6 step plan to help couples manage finances together

A Practical 6 Step Plan To Help Couples Manage Finances Together

Here is a 6 step guide to get you started with a plan to manage your finances together.


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If you are tired of unclear processes and hazy charges when it comes to financial products, such as insurance or mutual funds, then there is good news for you.