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financisl goals

A 4-step approach to help you achieve big financial goals

Here is a four step approach that can help you achieve big financial goals.

retire rich

Why only equity can help you retire “rich”?

Retiring rich means retiring with not just enough to last us for at least three decades, but the kind of money that is not at the risk of “running out”.

gift your child crore

Want to gift your child a Crore on their 18th birthday? Here’s how you can.

A crore goes a long way today but, even accounting for inflation, it is likely to command respect 12 years from now. This is the kind of leg up that your child can use, irrespective of their personal capabilities and situation.


Three financial goals to help you get started with your dreams

Here are three goals that you can start investing for straight away and realise the benefits without waiting for too long.

anxiety free

Want an anxiety free investing experience? Invest towards goals.

While fear and greed may be the overarching emotions that rule investing, what the vast majority of investors experience, especially in trying times, is anxiety.

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compare investment performance

Compare your investment performance with your own goals, not your friends’

Wise parents don’t compare their kids to others. So why do we compare our investment portfolio performance with our peers?


Why you should invest as if you were paying off a loan

The point of talking about loans and EMIs is not to tell you the obvious. We are remarkably comfortable about taking loans but the same can’t be said about investing.


Why only your long term investments need to beat inflation, not your short term ones

You as an investor need to keep this in mind when planning your investments. But there is something we all need to consider first.