Sanjiv Singhal

Sanjiv Singhal is a Founder and Chief Product Officer of Scripbox and has been working at the intersection of finance & technology for 30+ years. He is a product visionary who wants to take the complexity out of investing and deliver delightful customer experiences

manage risk

How To Assess & Manage Investment Risk – Part 1

As investors, what we are really trying to do is to ensure that we have enough money for a goal in the future.

engish vinglish

English Vinglish

How financial jargon destroys investor confidence and keeps them from investing

risk assessment and asset allocation

Risk Assessment And Asset Allocation

Financial planning theory recommends a methodical approach to investing

how not to choose a mf

How not to choose a mutual fund.

Past Performance (by itself) is a really bad indicator of future returns

too many choice

Are Too Many Investment Choices Hurting Your Financial Well-Being?

One of the key inputs into Scripbox came from the world of behavioural economics or study of how human emotional and social factors affect economic decision making.

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more mf than stocks

More mutual funds than stocks!

“Which fund do I invest in?” is a question we’re asked constantly by investors. It’s an important question because your choice of a mutual fund could mean the difference between driving a car or a bicycle; or whether your kids can go to the college of their choice.