Sanjiv Singhal

Sanjiv Singhal is a Founder and Chief Product Officer of Scripbox and has been working at the intersection of finance & technology for 30+ years. He is a product visionary who wants to take the complexity out of investing and deliver delightful customer experiences

bresk sip

Should you give a break to your SIP?

A lot of investors take the obviously smart step of starting SIPs in equity mutual funds. It’s a journey well begun. However, many stop their SIPs after a while and the reasons they cite are quite a few. But not all justify the need to withdraw.

direct and regular plan

Why investing with Scripbox is better than going the direct route?

The comparison is not that simple. In a way, the difference is a fee you pay to your doctor, lawyer or CA for their professional advice. Whether you should pay that fee or not depends on the investor’s own capability and the quality of service you get. Read on to know more.

net asset value

Buying funds at lower NAV vs higher NAV

The NAV of a mutual fund being high or low has absolutely no relevance to your decision to invest.

tax on equity mutual funds

How To Compute Long Term Capital Gains Tax On Equity Mutual Funds

How To Compute Long Term Capital Gains Tax On Equity Mutual Funds

budget 2018 implications or mutual fund investors

Budget 2018: Implications For Mutual Fund Investors

We review the two proposals that most impact investors in equity mutual funds and conclude that there is no reason for investors in equity mutual funds to panic and take any action.

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save tax

Do You Really Need To Save Tax?

Usually, this starts to matter when your CTC is Rs 5 lakhs or more per year.

items that must be in every parent s financial plan

Be Limitless!

Being a child is a state of being limitless.

experience investing blog

Why experienced investors trust Scripbox for Mutual Fund investing

Quite a few of our members start by thinking that Scripbox is meant “only for beginners”, but as they get a better understanding of how our service works, they recognize that Scripbox does in an automated manner, what they would do on their own – minus the effort.