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How do I change my bank details? What are the documents required for change in bank account?

You can change your bank by following the below procedures.

  • Log in to your Scripbox account
  • Click on Manage Account
  • Click on Change Bank 
  • Edit your bank details
  • Click on submit

Once done please share the physical copies of the following documents to us: 

  1. Self-signed pre-filled bank change letter received on your registered email ID. 
  2. Cancelled cheque leaf with your name printed on it of the NEW BANK ACCOUNT. 
  3. Cancelled cheque leaf with your name printed on it of the OLD BANK ACCOUNT. 
  4. A Self-signed PAN card copy.

It usually takes around 10 working days to update your bank account details with the mutual fund companies once we receive the above documents from you. 


  • During this period you will not be able to invest or withdraw. This is to ensure that the wrong bank account does not get used.
  • There might be additional documents required if any of the mutual fund houses requests for it. We will reach out to you in that case.  

* If you don't have a cheque with name printed, you can provide a recent 3-month bank statement along with the cheque.

* Incase your old account is closed, please provide a closure confirmation letter on the bank’s letter head with the seal and signature of the bank official.

Once your new bank details are updated by all the mutual fund houses, you will receive a confirmation email from Scripbox. Thereafter you can instantly link your bank account using internet banking, if you have added a bank account from the listed banks. Otherwise share a clear scanned image of self-signed link-your-bank-account form received on your registered email ID at help@scripbox.com or whatsapp us at +91-8884448026.

(Only for Paper Bank Linking Form - It usually takes another 13 working days to link your bank account for automated investments, once your bank account details are changed.)

Hope we helped! Why not get started with your Scripbox.
If you need further assistance please feel free to reach us at 1800-102-1265