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Financial freedom gives you choice -
The choice to pursue higher education, travel and explore the world, or pursue a passion close to your heart.
The choice to travel and explore the world, provide the best education for your kids, or start your own business.
Family Fund
Family Fund
Family Fund
A family fund helps you support your family in their time of need. Use it for your parent's medical expenses, or to save up for your little brother's education, or to financially support your husband's dream project.
Use it for your child's education, helping your husband buy your dream house, or supporting your parent's medical treatment.
Invest at least 20% of your salary towards this goal amount.
Dream Fund
Dream Fund
Dream Fund
A dream fund lets you indulge in yourself, after you have taken care of your loved ones and your priorities. Use this fund to travel, pursue a new hobby or buy that expensive luxury bag you have always craved.
Invest 5-10% of your salary towards your dreams.
It is not enough to just "save" anymore. Take charge and be in control of your money and most importantly your money decisions. You must aim for inflation beating returns.
We know it can be challenging, that's why scripbox is here to help you with all the financial planning you need.
Scripbox is an innovative, transparent, and friendly service for smart investing. Automate all the hard work, and ensure your money grows.

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