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What If You Could

Start With Just Rs.1000
Save Up To Rs. 46,800 Per Year In Taxes
Grow Your Money At a Rate Of 14% Or More, Over The Long Term

You Can, With ELSS Tax Saving Funds

Why Tax Saving Funds

Here is how tax saving funds (ELSS) beat almost every other tax saving

Investment Lock-In Period Historical Returns Is Return Taxable?
Tax Saving(ELSS) funds 3 Years 12-14% Return is Taxable
Life Insurance 5 Years 0-6% No Tax
PPF 15 Years 8.50% No Tax
NSC 5/10 Years 8.50% Interest is Taxable
5 Year Bank FD 5 Years 9.50% Interest is Taxable

Based On Your Current Tax Slab, You Can Save Up To 46,800 In Taxes Under Section 80C

Your current tax slab

You can save ₹15,000
You can save ₹30,000
You can save ₹46,800

We Can Help you In Tax Saving Funds With Scripbox

Scripbox is a friendly investment service which helps you start, and automate, your tax saving efforts by providing you with:
Best pre-selected tax saving mutual funds
Online tracking of your investment
Downloadable proof of investments
One click investment and withdrawal
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Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read all scheme related documents carefully before investing. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns.